BFC Code of Conduct

This Code sets out the general standards of the British Falconers’ Club which Members are expected to observe. Members are of course, required to observe the Club’s rules. The Code is used by the Council as a guideline in assessing any questions of “bringing falconry into disrepute” under the Club Rules:

1.      Falconry is the traditional sport of taking quarry in its natural state and habitat by means of trained hawks. The first duty of all Members is to respect and uphold this standard.

2.      A Member must uphold the highest standards of welfare, housing and feeding hawks. The hawk’s welfare must over-ride any other considerations.

3.      Members should always show due respect for all quarry and ensure that it is promptly and humanely dispatched.

4.      Members must always endeavour to promote the welfare and survival of hawks in the wild state.

5.      Members will ensure that hawks carry an appropriate working telemetry transmitter(s) when flown.

6.      A Member should not obtain any hawk either for flying or breeding unless they are able to dedicate sufficient time each day to ensure the hawks welfare.

7.      Members must respect previously agreed arrangements, where known, for hawking over land when approaching landowners with a view to obtaining permission.

8.      Members are under an obligation to observe the laws and customs of the United Kingdom and of foreign countries with regard to the taking, possession, import and export of hawks, the taking of quarry species and the right of access to land. The Club fully supports the work of government agencies involved in the investigation and prosecution of individuals who may be guilty of criminal offences involving both domestic and wild hawks. Any Member found guilty in a court of law of any such offence will automatically be subject to investigation by a disciplinary committee convened under the Club Rules.

9.      Members are recommended to refer all requests from the media to the Club Press Officer or Council. Unwise publicity can bring falconry into disrepute and may embarrass the Club’s relations with welfare and protectionist organizations. Members should be aware that internet forums and chat rooms are not secure and may cover subjects prohibited by this code.

10.    A Member who broadcasts or publishes on internet forums or elsewhere, any item that breaches the Club code of conduct or is deemed defamatory to another Member may be subject to investigation under the Club rules.

11.    A Member who has good reason to believe that another Member is in breach of the code of conduct or of the Rules, shall report the matter in writing to the Director or their Regional Secretary. Where the law has been broken Members are reminded that they have a duty to report such occurrences to the appropriate authorities.

12.    Members will refrain from pursuing actions or behaving in such a manner that might be considered injurious to the Club, Officers and Members and their reputation.

Updated 2014

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