The British Falconers’ Club

…is the largest falconry club in the UK with around 900 members.   Established in 1927 the BFC is also the oldest falconry club in the UK and maintains a proud tradition of excellence in the husbandry and management of the hawks we fly.

Thinking of joining?

As a BFC member you will enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • £5 mill Public Liability Insurance,
  • Two full colour gloss Newsletters each year
  • The prestigious Falconer Journal
  • Local social and business meetings
  • The annual Falconers’ Feast and AGM
  • Regular invitations to fly or attend meets at home and abroad
  • Help, support and mentoring for newcomers to the sport
  • Exclusive club merchandise

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Where is my nearest region?

The BFC is organised into 13 regional groups.  This means that you are never far from a friendly and welcoming group of like-minded individuals.

Most regions organise monthly social and business meetings where all are welcome.

Regular opportunities to fly your own bird of prey with friends or at field meets, or simply attend as a spectator.

Find your nearest region here/map

Member Services.

For existing BFC members:

Access the ‘members only’ area of the web site where you will be able to access your own personal account and all members services in one convenient location.

Not already got your personal account details?  No problem simply click the link below and we’ll get you signed up.

Please set up my account.

Irish Field meet November 2016

  • 15135904_1278969245503637_2846733982229228534_n
  • 15068985_996844740442157_8277852235395643599_o
  • 15069101_1152097531505829_8000696920638568573_o
  • 15110238_1152097591505823_4900167559177166630_o
  • 15123054_996848023775162_8841533648973884056_o
  • 15123415_996844393775525_7998976043457573080_o
  • 15128928_992370534222911_2429806091986023589_o
  • 15129432_996846210442010_2103150699157274319_o
  • 15129483_992368930889738_4638314904689506656_o
  • P1040543
  • P1040550
  • P1040551
  • P1040552
  • P1040563
  • P1040569
  • P1040580
  • P1040583
  • P1040588
  • P1040591
  • P1040602
  • P1040609
  • P1040612
  • P1040620
  • P1040629
  • P1040638
  • P1040645
  • P1040651
  • P1040652
  • P1040659
  • P1040664
  • P1040669
  • P1040676
  • P1040681
  • P1040689
  • p1040645

Your membership of the BFC can be your passport to adventure around the world.  November 2016 in Ireland, where the BFC was strongly represented.

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