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Trade Members

Trade Membership Benefits                                                                                                                          

“What will Trade Membership of the British Falconers’ Club do for your company?”

Our Trade Members are amongst the finest in their profession. How do we know this? Well, we vet all applications based on the experience of members. This then means that a trade member can advertise using the BFC ‘Trade Member’ logo and have a unique advertising proposition to falconers who demand the best. By being a BFC Trade Member gives a prospective purchaser a clear indication that the trader or business is at the acme of his of her profession and therefore the preferred choice.

This means that Trade Members may very well have a better opportunity at capturing market share than a non-trade member.


Below is a summary of the 5 main benefits: –

  • Ability to use the BFC logo and the words ‘Trade Member’ on internal and external advertising strengthening increasing interest and faith in your brand/product.
  • A Free Entry on the Trade Members’ page within the BFC Newsletters. The BFC Newsletter is a magazine style quality publication. This will include details of what product or services you offer and contact details.
  • Discounted advertising rates within the BFC Newsletters enabling Trade Members to differentiate themselves as a brand and service from others at very competitive rates
    Current advertising rates are as follows (per issue) and non-members rates are in brackets – ¼ page £25 (£30), ½ page £50 (£60), full page £105 (£120), ½ page colour £130 (£150), Full page colour £325 (£350), full page inserts £125 (£150)
  • Any increase in advertising costs in the future will mean a pro-rata discount.
  • A Free Web-presence! Our site receives 5,000 hits per month and is demonstrates just how easy it is for users of the Internet to find us and therefore you. This as you know is hard for a small business alone to achieve.  The BFC will encourage its members within its communications to use the services of Trade Members.

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