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Membership Categories – please download the full BFC rules here  THE BRITISH FALCONERS’ CLUB Rules Oct 2012 AGM Agreed

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Tel:+44 (0) 1692-404057
The office is open from 1pm to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Applicants for membership shall submit their names to the Council through the Membership Secretary who will initiate a search to establish their bona fides. Provided the search proves satisfactory, applicants shall normally be accepted as Associate or Supporter Members. In appropriate cases, and only after consideration by the Council, an applicant may be directly elected to Full Membership. A Full Member however, shall normally be elected after he has been an Associate Member for three years, and when the Council considers that he has acquired competence in training and flying hawks at quarry, in accordance with the Code of Conduct, and has maintained the standards of the Club in all other ways.

A Full Member “A new member joining the club can apply to enter as a full member, but only if they can obtain 2 letters of support from current club full members who are willing to vouch for the applicants competence.”

An Associate Member shall be a person whom the Council considers to be suitable and to have the intention of keeping and flying hawks, in accordance with the code of Conduct. He or she shall normally remain an Associate Member for three years and after that time, the Council may on request review his or her status. An Associate Member shall not stand for office, or vote at any Business Meetings of the Club, but he shall enjoy all other benefits of membership.
To transfer from Associate Member to Full Member an Associate Member shall send to the Membership Secretary:-
a. A letter of application outlining his or her experience.
b. Provide written support from two Full Members; ideally one of whom will be a Regional Officer.

A Supporter Member shall receive the Club Journal, the Newsletter, and can use the Club tie, badge car sticker, and be entitled to such other benefits as the Council shall, from time to time determine. He shall not stand for office, or vote, but may attend any Business Meeting of the Club or the Regional Groups, and may attend social or field meetings. A Supporter Member who wishes to fly hawks must apply to become an Associate Member.

An Overseas Member shall be permanently resident abroad. When he is on a visit to this country, their
status shall be that of an Associate Member. The Council shall consult the relevant Club that is represented at the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey before electing an Overseas Member.

A Life Member. A member may opt for Life Membership on payment of a single subscription, the amount to be decided upon by the Council and revised from time to time. Such subscriptions will not normally be refundable and will be forfeit in the event of the member being expelled for disciplinary reasons or resignation.

Trade Member. Trade members are entitled to receive the Club Newsletter and to attend meetings where they may display and sell their wares but receive no other benefits from the club. Trade membership offers the opportunity to place advertisements in an agreed number of issues of the Club Newsletter at advantageous rates. Subscriptions are negotiable with the Membership Secretary.

The Council need give no reason for refusing any category of Membership.

Annual subscription costs of the British Falconers Club are as follows:

Single £60 (pay now)
UK Trade only Membership £90 (pay now)
Overseas only Membership £65 (pay now)
Life Member £750 (pay now)

All prices are shown in £ sterling

Download membership application form BFCmembersform

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