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Yorkshire Region

Next meeting will be Thursday the 5th of August 2016

Auction Night – Please bring along items for the auctions – proceeds raised go to regional funds and help fund field meets etc.

Venue: Woodkirk Valley Country Club, Leeds Road, Dewsbury, WF12 7JL. (1/2 mile from M62 Junction 28)

Meetings start at 8.00pm

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Feel free to contact us Email:
Tel:+44 (0) 1692-404057
The office is open from 1pm to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

£3 on the door to include free raffle and buffet supper unless stated otherwise


Chairman: Steve Smith Tel No.: 01422 248562 Email:

Secretary: Steven Lambert Tel No.: 07736 319347 Email:

Treasurer: Anthony Robertshaw Tel No.:01422 247819  Email:

Regional Rep:  Dudley Hulme Tel No.: Email:

The committee are here to try and help. We are all volunteers and ordinary regional members just like you so feel free to call or email for help, advice or general information and we’ll do our best

Meeting dates for your diary

  • Thursday 4th February 2016
  • Thursday 7th April 2016
  • Thursday 2nd June 2016
  • Thursday 5th August 2016
  • Thursday 6th October 2016
  • Thursday 1st December 2016
  • Thursday 2nd February 2017
  • Thursday 6th April 2017
  • Thursday 1st June 2017

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