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Welsh Region

Chairman – Andy Robinson 07711967752

Secretary- Tim Williams 07970 118257

Council Rep- Steve Barton

Treasurer – Geoff Knees 07886 031234

LANTRA Coordinator – Gary Parker

Our regular monthly meetings starting April 9th will be held at

The Buck House Hotel, Bangor on Dee. 01978 780336

Meeting are held every second Tuesday starting at 8pm

BFC long wing meet 26th November 2011

December 7, 2011

An early phone call to assuage doubts about the strong wind and we met up for Hamner part 2!

The wind strength fluctuated throughout the early part of the day but calmed as the day went on, first up was Andy’s Hades who worked tight and well despite the strong wind blowing at that time, reaching a decent pitch we flushed a partridge which after a nice vertical stoop he was unlucky not to bring to bag

Next went a very smartly attired Shaun, with TJ over Tim’s dog jack on point, she powered off into the distance as was lost from sight with the view blocked by trees, he moved into the next field to get eyes on and jack broke the point, a swing of the lure and she appeared into view and was taken up

A long walk to another area saw lots of game moving about, TJ went up into a good wind and was nice and high but placed too far upwind for a decent chance she reined back in but failed to partake and had gone off the boil, having seen partridge moving in place Tim put Ozzy up and we advanced in line he worked hard in the wind and came nicely over Tim as a running covey of reds erupted a fine sharp stoop and it was in the bag.

We moved back into our original field and Steve’s bird was cast off, ,he ranged very wide and was lost from sight for a moment Steve called him in and we eventually got eyes on him as he returned Steve had edged towards some cover as his bird came over the lucky bugger bumped a few partridge under his nose! He put in a fine stoop and smacked it on the back end this had the undesired effect of sending the partridge streaking across the ground and beating the falcon to cover!

Andy finished a very enjoyable sojourn with a flight at a cock pheasant with his peregrine falcon

A cracking day out, good weather and company with plenty of game we retired to the Hamner Arms to discuss!

Thanks to Steve Barton for organising both visits to Hamner

Written by wales_and_borders

Long wing meet 2


After blanking at the moor we were itching to see some game, we were not to be disappointed the keeper Richard guided us along to a likely spot. 

Steve’s dog went on point and Shaun cast off his Eyas female Gyr/Saker Tee Jay, who promptly flew straight to the tree overlooking the point! A small blip however as she took a quick look around and launched and began her typical climb, passing overhead at a hundred feet she suddenly stooped sharply down in the next field that had us running over to see she had captured the carcase of a previously shot goose! Damn couldn’t even put it on the list, after a quick exchange we moved to another likely location a few hundred meters away where pheasant had been calling, back up she went this time pumping in earnest to a decent pitch and running out wide, Shaun waved her over and she raked back over in good style as the dogs went in, Andy’s spaniel pushed out a cock pheasant and a huge holler went up, as she folded into a killer stoop, the gap rapidly closed as she came down in determined fashion there was a collective holding of breath as the pheasant flew under power lines TJ jinked to adjust and the chance was gone ,a quick recall and she was rewarded for her efforts and a good flight.

Andy’s 3 times intermixed male Gyr/Peregrine Hades, was up next having flown well the previous day there were high hopes he went up to a very acceptable pitch but was distracted by check in the distance and was brought back in, Glyn put his Peregrine/Prairie up and a grey flushed early before he’d gained any height but he made valiant efforts to get on terms and tail chased it to cover, Steve’s Fijian tiercel went up next going wide at a good height as Steve waved him over he made his way across as Steve called the flush and a covey got up, a wild tiercel came vertically out of nowhere and struck him a

glancing blow , the moment was lost as the wild tiercel flew around his manor! As frustrating as it was for Steve it was pleasant to see the flying abilities of the wild stock.

Ozzy, Tim’s tiercel went up next got into a good position and struck his partridge well but was hampered by a sheep fence as it made good its escape

Andy had a flight with his stunning male Gyr/peregrine, Memphis who worked well into position and was unlucky not to connect

After a suitable break for those with the wisdom (or wife) to bring sustenance, we pushed on through the day with several more opportunities to fly which we took but failed to put in the bag, we finished as the light faded a tired but very happy bunch having had some decent flights and seeing lots of game and learning the lie of the land which would bode well for our next visit

Written by wales_and_borders

2011 Longwing meet 10/11/2011

November 30, 2011


BFC long wing meet 10th November 2011

Attendees: Andy Robinson. Tim Williams, Steve Barton, Shaun Bannister Andy Povey, Trevor Roberts. 

A pleasant day beckoned as we made our way in convoy up the steep road and track to the moor, Andy had been to have a quick look at the place previously so it was a little bit random as to whether we could locate the holy grail of grouse but with potential for longer term aims we strode onto the area. 

Andy Povey kindly offered to work his dog (GSP) along with Steve’s,(GWP) Tim’s (Brittany) and Andy Robinson’s,(Springer) Trevor and our other female member Sarah took pics

The weather was favourable but blowing a strong wind, as we set off in line abreast. Tim on the left handside of the v shaped valley saw his dog freeze on a scent so he put his tiercel up, it was at this point we realised the impact of the wind coming over the brow as the bird struggled to get up over the downdraught and Tim brought him in. 

Steve on the opposite side put his tiercel up next over a possible point but having flown up to the ridge line he struggled to get up to a decent overhead position, Andy Povey’s dog took a strong point but the field was unsighted and the two grouse bumped straight off

Shaun put his Gyr./Saker up next who handled the wind surprisingly well but failed to reach any great height which given the gathering weather was a blessing in disguise ,disappointed we retired as the mist rolled in and called an end to proceedings we consoled ourselves with Andy’s fine sloe gin !

Many thanks to the helpers and Andy Robinson for organising, hopefully we’ll have better luck next time.

Written by wales_and_borders

Welsh regional rules

June 2, 2011

In June 2008, the local members agreed upon a set of rules applicable to our region. This was done to help clarify any issues arisng from attending social meetings or field meetings.

Please click on the link to download

rules 2011

Written by wales_and_borders

New members for Welsh Region

November 24, 2010

We would like to welcome three new members to the BFC Welsh Region

Andrew Mizzi, Oliver Cookson and Shuan Bannister. All are flying hawks this season, good luck lads

Written by wales_and_borders