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Midlands Region

Welcome to the West Midlands Region of the British Falconers Club


Chairman: –  David Fox

Eagle Field Meet Co-ordinator and Hawk Board Eagle Specialist

Email: –


Secretary: – James Mason

Email: –


We hold regular meetings on the first Tuesday of every month. Prior to the meeting taking place we all meet up for a quick drink and chat in the lounge from 8:00pm, with the social meeting taking place at 8:30pm at The Bulls Head at Rosliston, meetings are held in the barn room across the car park.


Everyone is welcome to come along and join us


The address for the Bulls Head is: –

Burton Road, Rosliston, Derbyshire, DE12 8JU


Meeting place for the Midlands Region of the BFC

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Tel:+44 (0) 1692-404057

BFC Eagle Group

End of the day. L-R. John Hill, Dave Aldred, Barbara Royle, Andrew Knowles-Brown, David Glynne Fox, Alan Walker.

17th February 2006. © Ian Tolley.

Bedford Field Meet.  29th January 2012. © Hamza Yassin

Star, male Berkut Golden Eagle with David Glynne Fox, Buxton Moors, Derbyshire. 2nd September 2009. © Alex Hyde

 BFC AGM 3rd November 2012 Field Meet Images

Those in attendance were L – R Jim Mason, Barbara Royle, Conrad Rubisch, Andrew Wolstencroft, Sue Evans and Carl Bewick.


12th January 2013 – Harris/Redtail Field Meet

Midland Members on a Club Field Meet, those in attendance were Conrad Rubisch, Dave Carlton, Derek Hartshorne, Ian Lear, Ian Chattaway, Jim Mason and Ron Gent.



2nd February 2013 – Harris/Redtail Field Meet

Midland Members enjoying good sport on a Club Field Meet, those in attendance were Conrad Rubisch, Dave Carlton, Derek Hartshorne, Ian Lear, Jim Mason and Ron Gent. It really is great to be out in the field with this group and long may it continue.



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