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Cotswold Region


Cotswold Region

Chairman: John Courton

Tel:  07860 804512



Secretary: Colin Clubley

Tel:  07979 771167



Treasurer & Council

Representative: Graham Irving

Tel:  07850 152772



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Tel:+44 (0) 1692-404057

I am very please to write that our last meeting received an excellent turn out of members who were keen to discuss our future field meets and appreciated the time and effort shown by our guest Ben Long in displaying the finer parts of Coping a Goshawk & Gyr/Saker and imping the tail feathers of a Goshawk.


So it is with enthusiasm that I can advise you that our next meeting will be held on the 25th November at the Dog House Hotel, Frilford Heath with Paul Beecroft kindly offering to be our guest for the evening, Paul is bringing along some films by Captain Knight, one of which includes footage of his famous Eagle, Mr Ramshaw.


I am sure you will all find Captain Knights Films of great interest and I look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting.

All the Best

Colin Clubley

In lieu of an entrance fee we will be holding a raffle any donations would be appreciated.

Please check this webpage for notice of our next meeting.

Approx travelling times to the venue from a couple of different directions are:

Bicester/Newbury/Swindon about 20 minutes

Heathrow/Birmingham/Winchester/Evesham/Northampton about 60 minutes

Basingstoke/Aylesbury/Buckingham about 40 minutes


From the A34. Leave the A34 at the Marcham interchange and take the A415 towards Marcham. Go through the village of Marcham and after approx ¾ of a mile you will come to a T junction. Turn right onto the A338. After approx 1½ miles you will come to an off set X roads, turn right and the hotel is about 200 yards along the road on the left hand side with a large car park opposite.

 All members and non members are invited to come along to our meetings with guests and partners.
Our meetings are informal and we are happy to welcome all who support falconry.
Field meeting details will be announced at the beginning of the new season.
Please contact one of the above group officers if you need any further information.
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