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Bird Flu latest 22/12/16

December 22, 2016

Field meetings:

From 20th December 2016 if you intend to have a field meeting you must follow certain conditions. Currently you don’t require a licence but you must follow new APHA guidance.

You must notify APHA at least 7 days before a meeting and provide them the following details:
Date or dates of the meeting
Location of meeting (address and postcode)
Numbers and species of raptors
Purpose – in our context it is ‘falconry’
Organisers name, address and contact details

You must keep good and accurate records of the field meeting for at least 3 months, including:
Name, address and contact details of all attendees moving birds of prey to and from the meeting
Numbers and species of raptors at meeting
APHA may request this information from you after the meeting.

Please see:

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