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*** BFC STATEMENT *** on Bird Flu 13th Jan 2017

January 13, 2017

Dear Members

Field Meetings/Flying of Hawks/Avian Influenza

As you should all be aware, there have been numerous confirmed cases of avian influenza throughout the UK.

The Hawk Board have issued advice regarding the free flying/hunting of birds of prey which I urge you to take into consideration (see here).

Currently there is no ban on flying birds of prey but it does carry a risk. The likelihood of that risk materializing and the severity of the outcome should be given due consideration by our members.

Included in your risk assessment should be:

  • The location that you’re flying; Have there been any outbreaks of avian influenza nearby?
  • What type of quarry are you hunting? I would advise you refrain from flying ducks, waders, seagulls or indeed any type of wildfowl as these are particularly at risk from the current strain of avian influenza.


With regard to Field Meetings:- If you insist on organizing field meetings, please adhere to the prescribed protocol for bird gatherings and follow best hygiene practice (see here).

Martyn Standley


British Falconers’Club

Written by admin2