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The British Falconers’ Club was founded in 1927, by the surviving members of the Old Hawking Club. The Club currently has around 1400 members and is the oldest and largest falconry club in Europe.

The Club is a founder member of The British


Field Sports Society (BFSS), now encompassed in the Countryside Alliance, The International Association for Falconry and the Conservation of Birds of Prey (IAF), The Campaign for Falconry, The Hawk Board, The Federation of Country Sportsmen of the EU (FACE), and the Standing Conference on Countryside Sports (SCCS). It works closely with these organisations to try and ensure that laws and regulations in the EU or Britain do not adversely affect falconry – a demanding and time consuming activity that receives little recognition.

The business of the Club is carried out mainly by the Director, supported by a Council of elected officers and regional representatives. The UK is divided into 11 Regional Groups covering the British Isles, each with a Regional Chairman and Committee.

The Regional Groups form the focus of activity for most members.

The Club maintains a Code of Conduct, which is set out on another page. Members whose actions are not in accordance with this Code, or whose conduct appears to be in anyway unsatisfactory, can be the subject of an enquiry by a special Disciplinary Committee.